Resurrecting This Site?!

Hello All!

Ill start by stating the obvious… I am not Elvis but I did leave the building.
I feel bad about leaving everyone hanging with this site and apologize. People can question my loyalty as a fan, or whether Im a child in my parent’s basement.
All I can say to that is that life caught up with me and I made a decision and was very unmotivated and not inspired im many avenues in my life.

Now that that has been said, here is my million dollar question… Does anyone want this site to stay running?
I would like to open it back up and get this ball rolling as I am a Bruins fan through and through and you guys are the reason I did it in the first place.

Again, Im not here for criticism but to offer an avenue for us to get together and bullshit about our BRUINS!!
I will leave this post up for a few weeks to see if anyone comes around.

Moast (Ryan)


Hibernation Over


Let me start by apologizing for the lack of anything on here. I can fill you in on the reasons why but we all have stuff going on that eats our time. I am back and this site will live on another season if anyone is still interested.

I can say though that I had a hard time with the end of the season, the draft and some decisions that have been made. Since then, I am back down to earth and am finding positives in a lot of moves. I truly feel the team was stagnant and needed something larger to happen, well it did as you all know.

Don’t want to flog a dead horse and re-hash everything that has happened so let’s move on to this season.

The one major thing that I am excited for is competition, excitement, desire to play for the Bruins. I think that this was an element that has been missing for some and that culture rubs off on other players. I can’t pick a player at this years training camp that isn’t chomping at the bit to prove themselves, prove last year was a fluke and compete hard for a roster spot. This is still a talented team and Sweeneely will make adjustments on the fly as this is a winning organization that will do what they need to to make the show. That’s all we can expect from them is energy, effort and to make the playoffs. They are now under the cap with some hungry players and room to adjust.

This Bruins fan is now excited and can’t wait for the season to begin!

David’s & Goliath

With the emergence of Pastrnak on the first line, it seems that he is a perfect fit to this team. Not only does it make the top line a top line again, it puts everything line back to where it should be. I am glad that they kept him up as it was really only about 35 games of ELC contract burned which is minimal considering what the Bruins needed and what he is providing. They still need to grab a bottom nine forward and a top 4 dman if they want to be true contenders. This team is solid and playing lights out right now… hopefully Marchands bullshit didnt slow the process. Paille to the rescue?

Panic on Causeway?

images (1)Not sure how to read into the season so far. Poor effort, bad decisions, too many rookies and too many important departures?

Is it time to panic or give the team some time to gel? What say you?

Game On!! Your Starting Lineup Is?


I hope everyone has had a great summer of patiently waiting for the season to start.  Without any movement thus far, I expect some activity to pick up in the next week or two.

Possible players on the way out: Boychuk, Kelly, Bartkowski, McQuaid

Possible new players: Pastrnak, Spooner, Fraser, Leino, Gagne, Yakupov

Players needing contracts: Krug, Smith

This is just what the media has speculated but nothing will happen until someone is traded. ¬†Put your opening lineups forward for some pre-training camp shitz n’ gigglz!!